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Need Law Advice in Tauranga or Omokoroa?

The law changes continuously. You have the comfort of knowing that we keep up to date with the changes to be able to best provide you with expert professional advice.

We are a small law firm specialising in helping individuals and couples with all their legal affairs. We also act for many companies, trusts, partnerships and charities.  Our head office is in Tauranga with another office at Omokoroa under the name Omokoroa Law.

Our lawyers Philip Annan and Geoffrey Annan have the qualifications and expertise to help you with your legal matters. They are supported by our legal executives and administration staff. Our administration staff include several mothers and a micro biologist.

The team at AnnanLaw is able to respond quickly to any situation and have the resources and networks to keep up to date with the law.  Continuing education is a passion for us...


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